His motivation came from several directions, not least his experience working at Strathcona Park Lodge in Canada and Outward Bound in Wales.

Peter combined forces with Catherine Roger who shared his enthusiasm for outdoor education as a way of challenging and educating young people. Catherine had been involved with youth and adult expeditions since 1980 and whilst living in South America undertook extensive rainforest treks and managed an eco-tourist bird watching location. As a founding co-Director of Wilderness Expertise she applied her business background to establish our efficient administration and client care.

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The company’s emphasis on motivated staff meant that customers were happy because staff felt valued and rewarded and would be keen to continue to work with the company. This ethos continues to this day, over twenty five years later, with the company’s staff supported in pursuing their own personal development goals.

We have deliberately stayed small. The beauty of being a small company is that we remain focused on our customer’s needs, so you will speak to the same people in the company each time you call and get a personal service as a result.

We have not focused solely on profit as a measure of success and often make decisions that might be considered ‘non-commercial’ in order to remain true to our values. We have successfully grown the business and diversified into other sectors by retaining this absolute commitment to our employees and delivering exceptional quality to our clients.

After more than 15 years based at Wellington College, we relocated to purpose built new premises in Bramley, just north of Basingstoke. We worked hard to maintain our commitment to operating in harmony with the environment and community in which we are based. We recycled as much of the furniture as we could, and any additional needs were sourced locally.

In order to keep up with changing demands, we are now fully remote, with our warehouse nestled in the Berkshire countryside. We are still committed to reducing our environmental impact as much as we can.

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