And they’re off!

16 July 2014

And they’re off!

The last few weeks have seen Wilderness Expertise HQ in a hive of activity. Piles of paperwork have been honed to pocket-sized manuals for leaders and teams. Kit bags have been packed, checked and then loaded for delivery to schools across the country departing on their summer expedition.

Several teams are Africa-bound, heading to Ghana, Uganda and Zambia. Many are building on existing school project links where Wilderness Expertise has been asked to put together a totally bespoke itinerary. While one school is travelling to Uganda for the first time with us, two teams off to Ghana are the 6th generation of students from their school and many are siblings of those who’ve gone before. It is fantastic to have such a long-standing and valuable link with a school and country and to be able to foster a long term partnership our Ghanaian project hosts.

Four teams from one school are embarking on an epic journey across the Central Asian Steppe via China. They will witness the spectacle that is Mongolia’s Naadam Festival, travel on part of the famous Trans Siberian railway, trek and horse ride out in the Steppe and give some time to support orphaned youngsters at a summer camp. Cambodia and Borneo are also welcoming Wilderness teams. Fourteen students are currently deep in the Borneo jungle carrying out their Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award expedition! Being able to combine their expedition with the Gold D of E is a great way for the students to make the most of their time overseas.

Closer to home but no less adventurous, this summer sees our first school heading to Albania. Two teams of year 8 & 9 students are off to explore, trek and volunteer. This particular school offers a shorter expedition for younger students in one year and a longer expedition for older students the following year. Subsequently we often get students doing two different expeditions with us! It’s always lovely when we work with the same students again or get to work with siblings.

We will share some of their stories on the blog when they return.