Hannah’s memories of Uganda

1 August 2018

Hannah’s memories of Uganda

I saw smiles. I saw kindness and confidence. I saw life blossom in every direction.
I saw joy in every dance we were invited to join in.
I saw unity in the laughter stemming from us, the children, the mothers, the fathers and the teachers.
I saw friendship every time my hand was suddenly taken by another.
I saw love in every letter written out with my name on it.
I saw excitement in what each new day would bring to the community.

I cannot forget what was seen and heard and felt. I cannot forget what glorious happiness flourishes here amidst such hardship. I cannot forget being so content with life.

Hannah has just taken part in a Personal Development Expedition to Uganda with her school which involved six days based in a rural community.

“Although tired, it was soon very clear, that the experience was deeper than just a simple trip away from home … Such is the intensity that Hannah has gained from this trip, I can really see future trips to Uganda on her schedule if not something deeper regarding her future. Thank you to the Wilderness Expertise for the arrangements, thank you to the teacher for encouraging the students to go on the trip and to the school for their support. Our problem is now to make the rest of the summer interesting for Hannah. Not an easy task!”

Hannah’s Dad