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We take pride in designing programmes tailored to your specific desired outcomes and can run them anywhere in the UK; your own site, outdoor activity centres or campsites. Leadership training can be tailored for any age group from Year 3 upwards and can run independently or part of a structured longer-term development program alongside our team-building experiences.


Wilderness Expertise Leadership Courses

The Wilderness Expertise Leadership courses include simple tools for students to apply in all areas of their lives as they begin to take on further responsibilities.

Our flagship Shackleton uses the incredible true story of Sir Ernest Shackleton to develop a range of leadership skills together, to inspire young people as they continue their leadership journey into the future.

The Theory Behind it – Transformational Leadership

Our programmes are grounded in the the principles of Transformational Leadership

“Transformational leaders motivate followers to achieve performance beyond expectations by transforming followers’ attitudes, beliefs, and values, as opposed to simply gaining compliance”

(Bass, 1985; Yukl, 1999)

Transformational Leadership can be defined by the following seven behaviours (Hardy et al., 2010):

  1. Giving praise and recognition when it is due; being constructive with feedback; guiding followers to improve their performance.
  2. Recognising the uniqueness of each individual follower; treating them according to individual needs.
  3. Encouraging each follower to think for him/herself; challenging followers to solve problems by themselves.
  4. Inspiring and encouraging followers so they can, and want to, achieve their best.
  5. Encouraging each follower to want to work as part of a team, and towards shared team goals; putting team needs before ‘self’.
  6. Setting and exemplifying high standards; expecting the individual to always give maximum effort.
  7. Behaving in a consistently appropriate way that fosters the same behaviour amongst the followers; being beyond reproach.

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