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Integration Days

A series of activities designed to help new students integrate into a new school.

Integration Days create a sense of pride, belonging and identity within a school. Schools can choose which activities will best meet their objectives – all of our activities require students to cooperate, communicate and work effectively as a team to achieve shared success.

Our courses bring students together and enable them to understand more about themselves and each other.

Year Group Team building Days

We have one-day programmes suitable for any age group from Year 2 upwards, and we also offer schools the opportunity to be involved in the design of their own programme to ensure we are providing the specific learning outcomes you require.

We can align our team building courses to meet specific curriculum objectives, as well as giving students opportunities to develop their confidence, dynamic problem-solving, conflict resolution and respecting the views of others. These objectives are all delivered through our fun and challenging practical tasks.

Groups will review the success of each task and discuss practical lessons applicable to school and wider life.

team building

Prefect Training

Schools use this programme to support new prefects to perform their role effectively. The day covers leadership, developing resilience, conflict resolution, public speaking, stress management, self-confidence, and how to be a role model.

All of these days align with the Character Education Framework

This list is not exhaustive so please let us know if you require any additional support or advice. Email info@wilderness-expertise.co.uk

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