Training our Expedition Leader Teams

27 March 2014

Training our Expedition Leader Teams

An exceptional Teacher and Leader training weekend took place in Stratford-upon-Avon in February. This annual gathering is an essential part of our expedition preparation. It gives the adult leadership team an opportunity to work together and gain a deeper understanding of the operational procedures of Wilderness Expertise, ahead of their expedition in the summer.

The weekend began with an overview of recent expeditions; what worked well and what challenges were faced. The aim was to hear about best practice, learn from mistakes and continually strive for high quality provision. Later in the day we were joined by our fantastic company doctor who spent several hours covering expedition-related medical matters, highlighting elements of concern such as pre-existing medical conditions, heat, hydration and fitness to participate, among other things.

We all enjoyed an excellent evening of discussion and bonding over dinner with the odd bottle of wine and then launched into Sunday with a refresher of the Water Safety Management course.

It was great to have such a high turnout of committed and enthusiastic Teachers as, unlike Leaders, they are not contractually obliged to come. Their presence and ability to spend time with their Leaders in this unique way was invaluable. It helps build a strong adult leadership team which forms the foundation to a successful expedition.

Thank you to everyone for you hard work, input and attendance!