25 September 2012

WE Staff Tackle The Wolf Run

From time to time we do get out of the office and on Saturday 22nd September members of the WE team, along with employees from other ECG companies and some of our freelance trainers, travelled to Warwickshire to take on the Wolf Run.

This 10k adventure challenge which combines mud running, trail running and obstacle running is held twice a year, with the course including obstacles such as ‘the belly scrapper’, ‘the slippery slide’ and ‘the black lake’. This was the first time that we had entered into this event and some of us were better prepared than others, which was evident at the start line as a few people were looking more than a little nervous. Fortunately everybody completed the course and although we were all soaked through and caked in mud at the finish line, we had a lot of fun in the process!

It was a great day and we are already searching for our next muddy escapade! We will be mud running experts in now time – well some of us anyway!!